Wednesday, September 8, 2010

JDK Tools and Utilities

JDK Tools and Utilities

Monitoring and Management

Java Troubleshooting, Profiling, Monitoring and Management Tools

Java VisualVM


A graphical tool that provides detailed information about the Java technology-based applications (Java applications) while they are running in a Java Virtual Machine. Java VisualVM provides memory and CPU profiling, heap dump analysis, memory leak detection, access to MBeans, and garbage collection.

jconsole A JMX-compliant graphical tool for monitoring a Java virtual machine. It can monitor both local and remote JVMs. It can also monitor and manage an application.

Monitoring Tools

jps JVM Process Status Tool - Lists instrumented HotSpot Java virtual machines on a target system.

jstat JVM Statistics Monitoring Tool - Attaches to an instrumented HotSpot Java virtual machine and collects and logs performance statistics as specified by the command line options.

Troubleshooting Tools

jinfo Configuration Info for Java - Prints configuration information for a given process or core file or a remote debug server.

jhat Heap Dump Browser - Starts a web server on a heap dump file (eg, produced by jmap -dump), allowing the heap to be browsed.

jmap Memory Map for Java - Prints shared object memory maps or heap memory details of a given process or core file or a remote debug server.

jsadebugd Serviceability Agent Debug Daemon for Java - Attaches to a process or core file and acts as a debug server.

jstack Stack Trace for Java - Prints a stack trace of threads for a given process or core file or remote debug server.