Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weblogic 12c - tune and debug JMS OAQ module

Interoperating with Oracle AQ JMS

To use AQ JMS tracing and debugging, set the following system property: oracle.jms.traceLevel

Parameters for tuning:

max-threads-constraint - Work Manager- this should be higher than min-threads-constraint

min-threads-constraint - Work Manager

max-beans-in-free-pool - weblogic-ejb-jar.xml -

WebLogic Server maintains a free pool of EJBs for every entity bean, stateless session bean, and message-driven bean class. The max-beans-in-free-pool element defines the size of this pool.

Determining the Number of Concurrent MDBs

Custom work manager with constraint
varies due to self-tuning, between min-thread-constraint and Min(max-threads-constraint, max-beans-in-free-pool)

You can reserve threads by  specifying a work manager with a min-threads-constraint


Thread dump analysis 

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